Expression of The Best Version of Self

Why does it feel so good to be in the presence of certain people? 

I can assure you this, it is because each one of us exhibits a certain energy, both physically/externally, but on a deeper level, an energy which exudes who we represent: our mind, our thoughts, our actions, our personality, our past and our future, our visions, our convictions and beliefs, our abilities, our victories, our ideas, our likes and our dislikes our voices, our speech and communication. When we share with others, the greatest aspects of ourselves, we are unwittingly allowing them to live through us, and vice versa. What do we bring forth to the table, literally, when we are in the presence of our friends, family, co-workers? 

It is so important to express your best version on a daily basis. Mainly because your worst version is almost always ready to explode and make you feel like an even worse version of yourself. It’s extremely imperative, thus, that your workplace: the physical place where you spend so much of your time, allow good expression to come out. Sure, sometimes it’s exhausting to be out there, serving and being kind all the time. It takes energy! But use your time that way. Surround yourself with co-workers who encourage you and make you feel important. It makes a huge impact on the quality of our lives. 

Think about this: when we are younger so much of our time is spent in school. It literally shapes us for so long! But since we’re sort of in our purer forms, unaltered by social expectations and such, we sort of just naturally allow ourselves to shine, with out inhibitions. (This is why it is so imperative for parents and educators to offer a multitude of opportunities for children, so they may discover and release their talents and strengths. They are just waiting to be unleashed, and they are almost always unique for each child! And yes, some children may not be awesome at a certain thing they are presented with, but the challenges are so important too!) Childhood is a time when we are accepted for who we are because we “don’t know any better” but to be loud and verbal, to have outbursts, to start skipping for no reason, to say silly things that we imagine, to be, quite simply, ourselves. It’s when we get older where we hit pressures…you know what I mean…it starts with body sprays and A&F labels around middle school…you know, when everyone becomes more aware…or shall I say, less aware of who they are (and more aware of what everyone else as a whole is)! 

I was thinking about this, and the reason we feel so great, often times, in the presence of our closest friends, family, or people with whom much of your time is spent–even on a professional, formal level– is not only because we feel comfortable, but because we are enriching ourselves and most of all, allowing the best versions of ourselves to be expressed. You heard me, best version. Yup, I am meaning to say that we have different aspects to us (why am I acting like this is a surprise!). Face it, you get along with certain people because they just…get you. And face this too, they have their opinions of you because of the memories you’ve shared. And that’s…quite okay. In fact, it’s awesome.

What I am really also trying to get at here, is how important it is to be a person with whom the other person who is sharing your company, can exhibit his/her best version. It can be completely natural, not like a phony politeness or laughing even when what you say isn’t funny kind of “best version.” Not the “Going on an interview, suit-and-tie kind of best version.” I mean a genuine, true, good spirit version that is within all of us. The kind that feels so good when it comes out, because it sort of impresses you…like man, I am funny, or I’ve had some good times in life and I love sharing them with someone else. A kick-back-and-enjoy-the-company-and smile-and be quiet for second- kind of best version.

There is a great honor in good company, and being such. It allows us to thrive and make it through this test of life. When we have someone believing in us, they’re energy remains in our hearts even when they may not be physically present. And that makes us stronger and motivated. And this, my friend, is an everlasting energy for you to possess from others, and for you to unintentionally give to others. Quite powerful, huh?

Strive to polish your self and overcome your angry, selfish desires. Leave a legacy my friends, in which you can continue to shine and live through others because of your amazing self-expression, and remain open to the positive influence of those around you.

(PS: Everyone has something to offer, so just give them a chance to express something you can take from them!) 







Why does my absent  mind always bring me back to you? It’s as though you whisper, and I come running right on cue. I know we could never work out– and that you’re not even who I want. To you, I am almost certain, I’m just someone whom you can taunt.   But whether I’m on land, in air, on sea, or underground For you, it seems, I will always be so unecessarily heart-bound

so ready to turn around

You’re present in my dreams, while I sleep and some when I’m awake I sometimes wonder is our love real, or is it all just fake? Or what is it at all, and was it ever meant to be? When will our spell be broken, I’m waiting to be set free I’ve tried so hard to be so strong Maybe you haven’t got a clue or maybe you do, but you’ll stay thinking I’ll always come back to you.

The Dream of Life

Our creator gave life to our souls, in physical forms and placed us on Planet Earth to inhabit it. He gives all life forms frequency, eyes, ears. He gave man, the greatest creation of all, speech, complex brains, and greatest of all, hearts that have emotion: the ability to feel, and love. Love, by the way, is single-handedly the most powerful force in the universe. 

Our selves are meant to explore the planet given to us, to meet others, interact with them, share ourselves, and just…be. Most of all, we are to seek knowledge. Some of it comes from books, some of it comes from age, some of it comes from listening. A lot of it comes from service and experience. And so we discover who we are…only after we’ve made as many memories as we possibly could, and define ourselves by it. We should be fearless and seize the possibilities because there are so many given to us. 

 All life forms on this planet, are finite. Who you become eternally is defined by your actions and accomplishments whilst on earth. Now, circumstances and environment make situations difficult sometimes, and nobody said it was easy… but the world keeps going, and so does life. So now’s your chance to seize it and make it count. And remember, be you while doing it…everyone else is taken.

 The recipe? Faith, courage, hope, love, respect, honor, dignity, integrity, responsibility, appreciation, knowledge, wisdom, guidance. You will make it. Centuries have.

What you must understand and master is self-love and respect, because this eternal journey begins and carries on through time and space with yourself. Only you can experience it. Know your role and identity– and just live it– the best you can. Don’t worry, God takes care of most things, you just have to accept or handle them. You won’t lose if you just learn to relax and remember, you’re in good hands. He has a plan for you, and He did before you even existed. Your ability to love, be drawn to certain people, your speech, voice, physical beauty, even your personality…these are gifts from God. Not to mention, your family, your wealth, your circumstance. Don’t compare yourself to others; be inspired by the greater, and be stronger than the weaker. But most importantly, know you are who you are, and are only capable of knowing that much. You don’t know truly about who you perceive to be greater, nor who you perceive to be weak.

 Each living thing has value- it is a forever thing, and it’s righteous just the way it is. The people you meet, lives you touch, things you do are permanent. So do it right. You will transform through time, and at every given moment, will be exactly where you are meant to. You will always become stronger. But what won’t change is your heart, and those who have touched it, or your memories, or your frequency.

I pray to Allah t’ala that the moments He has planned for us, and brings forward to us, be experienced in the best way for us. May He give us the tawfiq to learn how to recite the Qu’ran and memorize it, and use all our body parts in the best forms. Our tongues to pray, our eyes to see the beauty of His creations, our touch to warm our loved ones, our hands to work and earn a fair living, our legs to move forward toward wonderful experiences. I pray, the people we meet, the food we enjoy, the actions we commit, are all good for us, and that no calamity befalls us that we cannot bear. May Allah t’ala protect us and our loved ones. Ameen. 

Living to Believe – Inspiration from a 7th Grader

Great blog post by a seventh grader. Wisdom is a gift from God, and can come at any age.

A Sincere Soul's Life Experiences

Karina Headshot 1Can I believe, or will I never? Will my dreams be good, or will they haunt me forever? Will I ever be inspired, or will I stick to wondering what it’s like? What path do I take? Which way do I turn? What’s waiting around the corner? How do I overcome it all?

I feel like life is stopping me from believing. Like not believing is stopping me from following my dreams. Like not following my dreams is what’s stopping me from being inspired.

It’s like my body is caving in. Weakening at the very thought of having to live with life. But if living with life is the only thing that can help me believe, that can help me face my fears, then who am I to run from it?

But life is not only beautiful. It is not only pure. Because purity can only be found through hurt. But doesn’t the hurting have to…

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I Can’t Swim

I can’t swim. It is terrifying, and I feel powerless. I can’t coordinate breathing and balancing my body. It is not something I learned as a child, and it has been something my parents have held me back from.


It has been hard for me to accept that I can’t do something; so I tried to learn, and I didn’t succeed. Perhaps it was the timing, and it definitely was the circumstances. I was not comfortable with my instructor, the dress code, and definitely the water.

But that’s alright. I surrender…”I give up.” But want to know something? I didn’t give up at all. I just am accepting that “EVERYTHING I AM NOT, MAKES ME EVERYTHING I AM.” I am not an athlete. I am not a swimmer. But guess what? Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the water. Doesn’t mean I won’t encourage my progeny to swim. Doesn’t mean I lost. 

Eating Out

Oh the woes of eating out. See, the thing about eating out is…that you actually have to eat! It’s not about the money, or the environment. No… really, it doesn’t take much to impress me, and I don’t like thinking about money, ever. Money is just paper that can’t buy happiness. It should be spent freely, because if it means it will allow for greater things to ensue, such as a chance to meet up with people, then ok, “charge” me. But what this rant is really about, is that you actually have to pick something out of this “menu” of options…and then eat it, while you’re out with company. See, I don’t feed off the food. I feed off the energy of seeing friends, telling stories, taking in my atmosphere. That’s exciting. Food…well, Alhumdulilah for food…but food can be stressful. Picking out what to eat, and then liking it…I guess I’m sort of a picky eater. Either that, or I haven’t developed a mature palate or decision-making skills. I just like…food given to me. Yeah, I said it. I like my mom cooking something, and then it being given to me to eat. No thinking involved. No waiting, no ordering, no charging. Just laughter and all the while you can stuff your face to keep your body going. I like fruit, and small portions. I don’t like fancy things all decked out and expensive. It makes me uncomfortable.

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